Our company headquartered in Istanbul, the production of our company is located in Bursa with 8000 m2 closed area. Viapot combines the oldest handicraft in history with red soil processing technology and produces industrial products. While we aim to present our customers raw materials in nature in an aesthetic way, to make them into quality products and to offer them to our customers' service, we carry out our works in order to take place with our economic and healthy products both in our country and in the world market. Eraslan Group, a company established with its own equity within the body of Eraslan Group, which has been operating for 35 years from automotive to food to hundreds of people with its distribution network of hundreds of vehicles, has been established by Viapot, Viapot Toprak Ürünleri San. And Tic. Ltd. Is a registered trademark.

our technology

Viapot, with its 10 years of knowledge and experience in the sector, has become a leader in the sector with its new factory established in Bursa. Viapot is a fully integrated facility consisting of raw materials, production and marketing departments. Our brand sets a new standard in terms of quality and economy with its fully automatic machines and products manufactured in 1280 degree furnaces. All control stages and R & D studies are carried out in our factory laboratory, migration, coliform, heavy metal and endurance tests are carried out in independent laboratories at regular intervals.

our nature

Viapot accepts environmentalism as one of the most important values ​​with its products coming from nature. In this direction, our production process; kneading and shaping the soil with water, firing can be summarized as. The fact that our production is completely natural and unadulterated is a method we prefer not only with our natural environment but also with the protection of human health. It is one of our features that we proudly carry Viapot products with no substance harmful to human health. The glaze used in our products is produced from 100% natural materials.

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